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This catalog is reserved for registered customers only. Please complete the registration form.

Contact Details

EX17 1ES
United Kingdom

Rachel or Jo for sales, accounts and general enquiries
Richard for website

Phone: +44 (0)1363 777 800
Fax: +44 (0)1363 777 900
Email: sales 'at' dalaco 'dot' co 'dot' uk

Place of registration: As above
Registered company name: Inspirational by Design Ltd trading as Dalaco
Registered office: Bawdenhayes, Sandford, Crediton, EX17 4ET
Company registration number: 5137642 registered in England

Office Opening Hours

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Our office is open from 09:00 to 17:00 (9a.m. to 5p.m.) Monday to Friday except on UK public holidays.

For Christmas and the New Year our office will close at 12 midday on Monday 23rd December and will open on Monday 6th January.

UK Public Holidays 2014

Jan 1st 2014

Who can buy from Dalaco?

Dalaco is in business to sell to wholesale or retail businesses in the jewellery, menswear or giftware trade.

If you are not in business to sell products such as ours but you would like to buy any of our products then simply tell us where you are and we can give you details of a retailer in your area that buys from Dalaco.

Registration - Why and how?

Why is Registration necessary?

Dalaco does not sell directly to the public, only to wholesale and retail businesses. We therefore have a separate set of website pages for registered business customers. These trade pages give our prices with product descriptions and a secure way to buy our products.

Registration is free and there is no obligation to buy

- Dalaco does not sell or give away customer registration details
- Dalaco keeps customer registration details on a secured computer
- Dalaco uses registration information for our account records and to inform you of changes and news

To register your business just return to our home page and click the REGISTER button. It takes only a few minutes, your username and password will be sent to the email address you provide, usually within 48 hours (weekend and public holidays excluded).

How can I see prices, product descriptions or buy?

To see our product descriptions and trade prices or to buy from our website you must have a website trade account. To get a website trade account you must Register your business with Dalaco. To do this just return to the home page and Click REGISTER on the sleeve menu, it only costs three minutes of your time.

How can orders be paid for?

Orders may be paid for in GBP, Australian Dollars, US Dollars or Euro.

- We accept all major Credit and Debit cards.

- We accept American Express (AMEX)

- We cannot accept DINERS or PayPal

Please note: Until you are ready to pay you may at any time...

- View your shopping basket
- Add products to your shopping basket
- Change the quantity of any product in your shopping basket
- Remove any product from your shopping basket

Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges vary according to distination address and the value of your order.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

Why is my card payment declined?

To protect our customers and ourselves from fraudulent transactions, your card payment details are verified by WorldPay with your card issuer. Your card transaction could be declined for many reasons, the most common are:

- The address or post code does not match that held by your card issuer
- The expiry date is invalid
- The Security Number is invalid
- Your card issuer does not allow foreign transactions on your card
- Your card issuer does not allow transactions for some merchant types

Why does my login attempt fail?

The following are the most likely cause of a login failure:

- You may have typed your username or password incorrectly
- - Type everything in lowercase characters not UPPERCASE
- Our website server or your internet connecting may be running slowly
- - The problem will probably only be temporary, just try again in five minutes

If the above does not help please feel free to call us 01363 777 800 and ask for website support.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

- First order any 12 items.

- All other orders no MOQ.

Bulk purchase prices

We can offer a reduced price on most products if 100 or more of any one product is purchased in one order. Sometimes we can offer a reduced price on quantities less than 100 depending on the product and other conditions. Please contact us for a details.

New (bespoke) product

We can make for you almost any cufflink, tie bar, tie tac, dress stud etc to your design.

- Setup charge GBP175.00 per product, payable in advance (not refundable)
- - Setup charge includes a pre-production sample for you to approve
- You are not obliged to place a production order
- Minimum order quantity usually 100 depending on product
- Supplied in a presentation box with customised printing for no extra cost (optional)
- Normally 4 to 6 weeks to get pre-production sample made
- Normally 4 to 6 weeks (after your approval of sample) to get your order made
- Free shipping

Searching for a product

You can find products by the Dalaco reference number of any part of the description.

On the top menu click CATALOGUE
On the right hand side near the top of the page there is the Quick Search box. Type in this box either the Dalaco reference or any word you would expect to describe the product you are searching for.

To find Spitfire products enter 90 1149 or 1149 or Spitfire.*
This will take you to the search results page where you can click an image or description to be taken to the product page.

* If you enter the first part of a reference such as 90 or 100 or 75 you must enter one space before the remainder of the reference number. So, 901234 is wrong, 90 1234 is correct.

If you select to buy one of the found products you will be returned to the product page. If you then wish to return to the search results page just click your browser back button twice.

Selecting products

1: Enter the quantity for each itme you require on the page
2: Click 'Add Selection to Basket' --- you may need to scroll down the page

You can change quantities or remove an item at any time by selecting 'View Basket' on the account information bar.

Shopping Basket

- On the account information bar select 'View Basket'

----- To remove an item tick the Remove box and then click the 'update' button

----- To change the quantity enter the new quantity and then click the 'update' button


1: On the account information bar select 'Checkout'
2: Check the content of your shopping basket carefully
3: To change your order select 'View Basket' on the account information bar
4: Select the Shipping Destination (this determines the shipping charge if any)

- - Channel Island customers may select Guernsey or Jersey
- - USA customers please also select your State
- - Canadian customers please also select your Province

5: To change the delivery address click the tick the box

Invoice Details

By default we deliver to your invoice address, you may select an alternative address for the delivery of your order.

If your invoice address is not the same as your credit or debit card address then you MUST change the card address when you get to the WorldPay Payment page.

Tax (VAT)

VAT is Value Added Tax, otherwise known as Purchase Tax or Sales Tax.

VAT is added to orders for all accounts within the European Union (EU) unless you select exemption and provide your VAT registration number, detaills below.

If you are in the EU (except the UK) and If eligible for VAT exemption you may exclude VAT as follows:

1: Tick the box for exemption
2: Enter your VAT registration number

Special Delivery Instructions

Here you can enter instructions (if any) that you have not been able to enter elsewhere, such as:

1: Special delivery date deadline
2: Instructions if you are not in when the order is delivered (it may have to be signed for)

The box is not long but it will scroll to the right as you type so there is more space.

3: Please read our terms and conditions

Boxes and Customised Text

During the order process you must select the style of box you want or select 'No Box'.

Our Leatherette presentation box comes in four colours: Black, Burgundy, Navy Blue or Dark Green.

Our Plinth box comes in three colours: Black, Black & Blue or Black & Burgundy

If you want your order supplied with our Leatherette box then you can also tell us what text you would like inside the lid or just specify 'No Text' (see below for details).

Customised Text
This is available in metalic Gold, Silver or Black print free of charge for inside the lid of our Leatherette presentation boxes. Maximum of three lines of text. Please indicate where you want a separate line to begin by entering a comma.

Example: Company Name,123 High Street,www.companyname.co.uk

Box Printing
We are able to print your logo or insignia onto the lid (inside) of our Leatherette presentation boxes.

In order to do this, we will need to make a custom logo block which will then be used for all your future orders. There is a one-time fee associated with the block making which is £40 + VAT.

We will also need you to supply your logo in vector format. Your logo designer/graphics team should be able to provide you with this free of charge. The reason for requesting the logo in vector format is to prevent distortion/colour dithering when the logo is scaled prior to the block making process.

We are happy to offer you a vector conversion for your logo if you do not have such a format to hand. However, this will cost an additional £20.

Please sent all artwork to sales@dalaco.co.uk

WorldPay Payment

WorldPay Secure Payment page (Card selection)

1: Select the currency to use for payment
2: Select the type of card you will use to pay for your order

WorldPay Secure Payment page (Cardholder Details)

3: Enter your card payment details

4: Change the address if necessary to the address held by your card issuer
5: You MUST enter the cardholder name as embossed on your card
6: You MUST enter the address held by your card issuer (normally your card statement address)

If your card payment details fail WorldPay's validation your order will be put on-hold until we have resolved the problem with you.

Copyright on website images

All images on www.dalaco.co.uk and www.cufflinks-wholesale.com and www.cufflinks-dalaco.com are protected by copyright.

If you would like to use any images from the above mentioned websites (URLs) please contact Dalaco to request permission.

To print these instructions

1: Select the text you wish to print
2: Click with right mouse button over any selected text and select Copy
3: Open your word processor
4: Place the text cursor where you want to insert the instructions
5: Click the right mouse button and select Paste