How to create the perfect engraved gift for men

The perfect engraved gift for men

How to create the perfect engraved gift for men

Dalaco is pleased to supply Engravers Guild of London, the engraved gift retailer, with a custom selection of men’s accessories including money clips, tie clips and leather ware.

While Engravers Guild launched in 2016, it draws on a 150-year family history in the industry and today sells thousands of personalised men’s accessories.

Here they share some of their experience in delivering the perfect engraved gift for men and offer some pointers in creating an item that will be treasured for many years to come.

At Engravers Guild, we like to keep an eye on some of the most famous and fashionable auction houses.

Our curiosity is for the men’s accessories, but our interest is not to buy them – instead, it is to understand what it is that makes them the most valuable men’s accessories in the world.

Take a watch that was sold last year for example.

A Rolex Cosmograph Dayton went under the hammer in New York. It was almost identical to hundreds of other Rolex watches of the same model that can be bought easily for a few thousand dollars.

This Rolex Cosmograph Dayton, though, was different.

So different, in fact, that is sold for more than several thousand dollars. The final bid was $17,752,500.

What was it about this watch that could command the price tag?

On the back of the watch, there were three words engraved in the case. They read:




Those three words were the gateway into the life story of this watch, and it was the story that proved so covetable at auction.

Indeed, this was the former timepiece of Paul Newman, the legendary Hollywood actor.

His wife, Joanne, had bought the watch as a present from Tiffany when her husband was starting a motor racing career. Intending it to be a good luck charm, she had those three words engraved on the back.

Such an inflated price for an engraved men’s accessory is nothing new.

Whether it be a pair of cufflinks owned by King Edward VII, a medallion worn by Elvis Presley or a fountain pen used by John F. Kennedy, accessories with an inscription have a record of being the most highly prized.

An engraving, no matter how short, tells a story all in itself. And, as humans, we understand stories. We value stories. Stories are what make us.

That is why at Engravers Guild we specialise in creating gifts that help make, mark, and capture those little stories that add up to something more.

An engraved men’s accessory is something that can last forever and be an enduring reminder of a bigger story.

With that in mind, here are our Top Five Tips to giving that perfect personalised gift for men.

  1. Selecting the perfect item


The best gifts are often those which someone might not buy themself but which would perfectly compliment their style. This needn’t necessarily be something to be used each day, but rather something that would have reason to be used every so often over many years to come.

The most special gifts are those that win a marathon not a sprint, so don’t worry so much about what he might “need” today and instead focus on what he will “keep” forever.



  1. Composing the perfect message


An engraved message does not need to be complex, clever, or funny. But it must be thoughtful – and relevant. There is often not much room on an engraved gift for text, so keep the message to the point. Initials and a date are sometimes all that needs to be written – the personalisation of the name and the association of the date will speak for themselves.

Should you be feeling more avant-garde, perhaps use an expression or nickname that has meaning only between the giver and recipient – even the odd emoji can work well where appropriate ; – )



  1. Choosing the best engraving


Not all engraving is created equal, and be sure to choose the effect that best suits the finish of your gift. Laser marking is one of the most common forms of engraving as it works incredibly fast (a few seconds for a whole hip flask) and can replicate intricate detail by precisely burning the surface of the material to a darker colour.

For a more traditional finish, diamond-dragged engraving creates a physical impression in the metal. It cannot achieve the same intricacy as with laser, but text and simple designs should work well. The time for setup and engraving can take much longer, so you may want to be more selective with the words of your message.



  1. Creating a memorable moment


As the saying goes, first impressions count. And this is just as true for gifts as for anything else. An engraved item is something that the recipient should feel a connection with, and it’s important to get this off to a good start. Engraved gifts are a personal expression between the giver and recipient, so don’t leave it down to the engraving to do all the talking.

Create an experience upon opening the gift: take time to pick the perfect moment, compliment it with a gift card that elaborates or explains the engraved message, and have a few choice words at the ready for when you speak to him next.



  1. Keeping it forever


Engraved gifts are about creating stories, but not just the stories before the item was gifted. Carry on adding more chapters by making new memories with the piece. Have a special place to keep the gift so it doesn’t get lost over the years and make a conscious effort to bring it out for special occasions when the time allows.

There is also nothing to stop you getting additional engravings made on the item. Why not add the initials of new family members, important dates and the short messages of loved ones so it continues to be a beautiful memento of a rich life being lived.


About the author: Elliot Bishton launched Engravers Guild of London in 2016 offering a selection of personalised hip flasks. Today, the engraved gift retailer stocks over 300 lines with the ambition to deliver a heightened gift experience.

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