How it all began

Dalaco started life in 1982, run single-handedly from a kitchen table in Devon by my Dad David Larcombe. The David Larcombe Company quickly built a reputation for quality cufflinks and accessories, outgrowing the kitchen (much to Mum’s delight) and moving first into the garage, and then into a barn on the family farm. Over the years the company continued to grow, developing into a great team of people, many of whom are still with us today.

Dalaco Logo

End of an era, and a new beginning

The company moved into new premises in early 2005, but a few short weeks later, Dad was tragically killed in an accident. Having recently finished University, I returned home to help Mum wherever I could. I’m not sure exactly when I realised how important the company had become to me, but now I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else, and I’m enormously proud to be carrying on the work that my Dad started before I was born.

We now design and distribute cufflinks and men’s accessories to jewellers, menswear and gift stores all over the world. We love creating new designs and products, and as such our collections are always growing, keeping our continually expanding customer base happy with fresh and innovative ideas for their retail stores.

Working alongside our customers to provide a service that is second to none is something we thrive on, so if you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Rachel Larcombe
Managing Director

The Dalaco Lark

At the heart of our identity sits a lark, the classic English songbird that heralds the dawning of a new day.  This was inspired by the heritage of our family name.  Larcombe is derived from the Middle English larke together with combe, which means narrow valley or gorge.

The Dalaco Lark is a symbol of our creativity, care and passion, and a guarantee of our quality.  Most importantly, it signifies our foundations from my late father David Larcombe, who remains our inspiration in business today.